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The South Carolina State Fair kicks off the holiday season with its annual Christmas and New Year's Eve celebration on Saturday, December 31. The free event offers Christmas carols, greetings, food and refreshments to thousands of locals who wait until the New Year to enjoy it. This inviting event will also feature various local businesses offering Christmas carols and greetings, as well as food, drinks and entertainment.

Even closer to home, we love the local music here in Colombia, and there are some great options right next door. The Columbia football game also features performances by marching bands and concessions to provide an unforgettable experience.

We are here to give you everything you can do on and off stage, and we are the only place to go for everything to do with music.

We are here to help you succeed no matter where you are in the world of music, and we will always be there for you no matter what you do.

We want you to have a great experience and get the best out of West Columbia, and if you have that in mind, we've done a few digs and compiled a list of venues in Columbia and Lexington that host live music.

A four-piece bluegrass band that plays a mix of blues, country, folk, rock and country - rock and blues. The Roof also play the Building Band, a band that showcases emerging - and emerging - talent in South Carolina on Tuesday. A third list includes bands and singers from Colombia who perform in clubs and concerts and produce CDs. S. S., London. This eight-piece cover band specializes in cover versions of popular songs from the late 1960s and early 1970s to the present day. They focus on rock'n'blues and blue-grass country with a focus on country and folk music, as well as a little bit of folk and jazz.

The Koger Center, a flagship project at the University of South Carolina, tends to soar with ballet performances, including the annual Nutcracker. In the past, the exhibition has included an exhibition on the relics from the Civil War, a presentation on the use of new technologies and an exhibition on the history of the state "Wish for Five."

Live music, which is generally aimed at college age groups, is usually available on Saturday for a $10 cover fee. The Coastal Breeze Band is a Colombian party band that was booked to cover everything from country to hip-hop, rock'n "roll and everything in between.

The band toured the Southeast, stopping in Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, Charleston County and other cities. In 2017, they hosted Florida's Anberlin, who played there in 2010, and Chicago's 90s band Local H. Also there, Chicago's' 04 90s bands played Local. The New Brookland Tavern has been playing there for years, although the concert hall in the SC is closed.

It's a great event to join in the lively Christmas spirit and see what Christmas means to Western Columbia. You can always go to Columbia and enjoy everything in style, but this event takes the fun out of downtown West Columbia by featuring marching bands, Christmas lights and Christmas music from across the state.

The outdoor area allows for social detachment, no masks are required and you can listen to live music while experiencing a beach atmosphere.

Bob Michalski performs instrumental hits that can be heard all over the West Columbia South Carolina Music Festival. He is a member of Community Baptist Church in Woodruff, SC, where he was planted, and of his Baptist heritage. After more than fourteen years in office, he began his pastoral career at Grace Baptist Church in Columbia, where he served for four years. In August 1995, he moved to Western Columbia and began working as a pastor for 14 months at Grace Baptist Church and then his current home church, Grace Presbyterian Church.

The South Carolina Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is sponsored by Richland County and offers more than 200 students the opportunity to play in one of three orchestras each year. The Columbia ChorSociety was founded in the 1930s and organizes concerts for all who enjoy singing and learning music. The program has grown, and we also have a chamber music group, and although we are members of the American Chorale Society of Columbia and the North Carolina Opera Society, we strive to promote local talent by bringing professional opera to the Midlands of South Columbia.

Open since 2002, there is no other place in the city of South Columbia to go except the Music Hall of Columbia. It is one of the oldest continuously operating music venues in South Carolina and we pride ourselves on providing live music 365 days a year. We are excited to perform not only for our community, but also for our seniors and communities.

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